The Power Pack is an urban backpack designed for functional and comfortable every day wear for school, travel, or office-use. It's simple aesthetic and systemic compartments keep users organized. 

Key Features

•Separate fully-padded laptop compartment can store a 17" laptop
•Main storage compartment has plenty of room for books, binders, and notebooks
•Sleek low-profile sleeve within main compartment ensures no loose papers get lost and crumpled
•Front pocket for easy access for small essential items like lip balm, lotion, hand sanitizer, or pens 
•Two side pouches suitable for holding water bottles or umbrellas
•High quality waterproof fabric and zippers ensure the Power Pack will stay in top condition under any type of weather


28cm x 12cm x 38cm


- Early Concept Sketches - 
- Technical Drawings -
- Cardstock Model - 
- Pattern Making - 
- Sewing Process - 
- 3D Printed Notion - 
- The Power Pack - 
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