As a seamstress for LUMP Foundation, I sew LUMPS - a memorable tangible symbol of beauty + strength
- The LUMP Foundation -
LUMP Foundation is dedicated to supporting those with breast cancer. Our promise is to support, include, and empower those with a breast cancer diagnosis, while raising awareness about the life-saving importance of early detection. 100% of our proceeds are gifted to InspireHealth; a foundation dedicated to supporting, educating, and inspiring all those affected by cancer - ultimately enhancing the quality and well-being of their lives.

- The Purpose -
The LUMP purpose is to shift the dark and scary narrative around the term lump, with a timeless gift representing courage, and connection. The LUMP pillow is a tangible reminder of our own personal strength, and empowerment, as well as a memorable symbol of beauty, support, and resilience. Our pillow is an authentic and personal nod to my own love story with interiors. Our hope is that LUMP be a beautiful piece that adorns your home - and it’s love at first sight, touch, and squishy feel.
- The Sewing Process -
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